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Peak time in Dresden –

PortGround relies on VOLK Electric Tugs

Dresden, 05.07.2011 – When the summer vacation be-
gins for schools in Saxony on July 18th, thousands of families will set out to the beaches in the Mediterranean area. Dresden Airport expects about 45.000 travelers alone in the first week of vacation. And most likely all of them will arrive with bulging suitcases. As anybody knows, it is hard to close the lid of a suitcase when fly-
ing off on holiday.

A total of around 1^.800 aircraft take off from Saxony's capital during the six weeks of vacation. Dresden Airport is optimally equipped for this rush. PortGround GmbH, the groundhandling service of Dresden Airport, met vacation time demands punctually by putting three additional VOLK Electric Tugs into operation. This now makes a total of seven VOLK EFZ 30 NT Electric Tugs in use on the apron of the Dresden Airport.

The tractors are used as baggage tugs. They transport

Peak Time in Dresden – PortGround Relies on VOLK Electric Tugs

Dresden takes off – With around 1.8 million passengers per year,

Dresden Airport is one of the leading medium-haul airports in Germany

the checked-in luggage to the aircraft on special baggage trailers, while the passengers wait in the terminal for their departure, make last-minute purchases in the duty-free area, or admire the unique industrial architecture of the air-
port terminal – a former hangar, where the legendary GDR commercial turbine aircraft 152 was built in the late 1950s, and which has been reconstructed at great effort and expense. With a maximum towing capacity of 11.5
tons (according to German BGV C10 regulations), even the heaviest holiday suitcases are transported with ease. A silent electric motor that does not generate any harmful exhaust gases is used to propel it.

Peak Time in Dresden – PortGround Relies on VOLK Electric Tugs

Even the heaviest luggage is easily transported – The VOLK EFZ 30 NT Electric Tow Tractor has an environmentally friendly and exceptionally high-performance electric drive

This aspect was particularly important for the Port
Ground GmbH. The company, which provides ground-
handling and cargo services at Dresden Airport and Leipzig/Halle Airport with a staff of 350 employees, has been consistently honing the groundhandling process for quite some time now, in order to make it as environ-
mentally friendly as possible. This is achieved by suc-
cessively replacing vehicles and equipment that have combustion-powered motors with electrically driven al-
ternatives. As a result, Saxony's newspaper "Sächsische Zeitung" recently ran an article with the very appropriate title: ”Airport relies on eco-friendly ground solutions”.

The newly acquired VOLK Electric Tugs with state-of-
the-art AC drive thereby have the advantage of not only being quieter and environmentally friendlier, but parti-
cularly less maintenance-prone than conventional ve-
hicles. This is reflected by a higher availability and re-
liability and enables PortGround to guarantee their cus-
tomers highest quality service – 365 days a year and around the clock.

 So when report cards are soon handed out and the yearly battle with the baggage is fought; when everything but the kitchen sink is packed and the suitcase has been closed (when necessary by sitting on top of it), then the long-
awaited vacation can begin. And regardless of whether the destination is Spain, Greece or Turkey, one thing is cer-
tain: The luggage will be boarding the aircraft on time.

Peak Time in Dresden – PortGround Relies on VOLK Electric Tugs

The magnificent seven – Dresden Airport is optimally equipped for the impending rush of summer vacationers with a fleet totaling seven VOLK Electric Tugs