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Hybrid 2.0 –

New hybrid tractor with excellent performance data

Munich/Bad Waldsee, 06.10.2009 – VOLK presented a newly developed Hybrid Tractor at the Interairport Europe in Munich. The Model HFZ 40 N is a real powerhouse and currently one of the most efficient hybrid tow tractors on the market.

The tractor is equipped with a 50 kW Deutz diesel en-
gine and a 38 kW AC motor. Thanks to the outstanding traction ensured by an body weight of over six tons, the vehicle features a maximum traction force of over 26.000 N.

The enormous power reserves of VOLK Hybrid Tractor HFZ 40 N result in higher efficiency and shorter turn-
around times. The higher baggage volume of larger air-
planes such as the Airbus A380 can also be moved very easily with the vehicle.

Despite its outstanding performance data, model HFZ

Hybrid 2.0 – New Hybrid Tractor with Excellent Performance Data

The new Hybrid Tractor HFZ 40 N is a real powerhouse

40 N was designed with very compact dimensions. With a turning radius of just 4.15 meters, it is very easy to ma-
neuver even in cramped spaces.