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Pushing the limits –

Electric pushback tractor for 100 tons MTOW

Munich/Bad Waldsee, 10.10.2011 – When commercial aircraft reverse out of the gate, they require the help of special aircraft tractors. That's because turbine-propel-
led airplanes do not have a reverse gear. Even though it would be possible for the machine to roll back on its
own by reversing the engine thrust, starting the engines so close to the terminal building is not permitted due to noise protection and particularly for reasons of safety.

As a result, jet aircraft are pushed along the designated taxiways with aircraft tractors before they continue on their way to the runway by themselves. This operation is called pushback. The connection between aircraft and tractor is thereby usually achieved with the use of so-
called tow bars.

Since airplanes used for regular and charter flights usually have a significant weight, aircraft tractors are predominantly driven by powerful diesel engines.
These are, however, targeted by increased criticism
due to their substantial noise and exhaust emissions.

Pushing the Limits – Electric Pushback Tractor for 100 Tons MTOW

VOLK Electric Tow Tractor EFZ 100 N during pushback – A ramp agent is walking alongside the nose wheel of the aircraft, in order to secure the rear area and to notify the pilot when the engines can be safely started

VOLK is therefore presenting an electrical aircraft tractor at this year's Interairport, which is capable of pushing air-
planes with up to 100 tons of maximum take off weight (MTOW). The model EFZ 100 N is thereby suited for use in
regional and medium-haul flights for practically all types of aircraft, including the Airbus A 320 and the Boeing 737.
It therefore presents an extremely interesting alternative particularly for airports that cater to medium-haul flights, not lastly due to its price, which is very attractive in comparison to conventional diesel tractors.

Pushing the Limits – Electric Pushback Tractor for 100 Tons MTOW

Push tow – The connection between nose wheel and aircraft tractor is done with a tow bar

The pushback tractor EFZ 100 N was extensively tested at the Dresden Airport during the peak of this year's summer travel season. After the test the drivers were filled with enthusiasm for the sophisticated and tech-
nically mature vehicle. This is, however, hardly sur-
prising, since the vehicle currently being presented can hardly be considered a prototype: The model EFZ 100 N has been used for industrial applications for several years now, also in three-shift operations 24 hours a
day. VOLK has thereby acquired several thousand ope-
rating hours of practical experience with this vehicle model.

This was also evident during practical testing in Dres-
den. Particularly the powerful and highly sensitive elec-
tric drive was convincing in every respect. Two electric motors, which deliver a maximum torque of more than
1.000 Nm, are responsible for propulsion. During the actual pushback operation there is an available perfor-
mance of up to 80 kW, during continuous operation it
still reaches 40 kW. An electronic differential lock even

guarantees optimal traction during unfavorable weather conditions. The batteries have a capacity of 1.550 Ah. The
12 ton heavy EFZ 100 N can thereby manage a normal day without any difficulty.

The Electric Tow Tractor EFZ 100 N is therefore optimally suited for pushback operations on small and medium-
sized airports. And it is environmentally friendly as well.

Pushing the Limits – Electric Pushback Tractor for 100 Tons MTOW

David and Goliath – The difference in size between the Boeing 737-800 with 80 tons take-off weight and the VOLK Electric Tow Tractor EFZ 100 N is quite impressive