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VOLK LPG Tow Tractors – low-emission tow tractors for efficient continuous use in outdoor and indoor areas

With their low-emission LPG engines, VOLK LPG Tow Tractors are perfectly suited for transporting heavy loads in outside and indoor locations. While they feature similar characteristics as VOLK Diesel Tow Tractors outdoors, they can also be used in closed spaces without any problems unlike diesel tow tractors. This is due to the fact that the exhaust fumes have a high purity grade because liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) does not contain any chemical or mechanical impurities.

However, because liquefied petroleum gas is heavier than air, its use is not permitted in basements. VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors, which have a diesel and an electric drive and therefore can also be used in indoor and outdoor areas likewise, are particularly suitable for such applications.

VOLK LPG Tow Tractors are serially offered with towing capacities ranging from 20 to 30 tons. For greater towed loads of up to 150 tons we are pleased to offer special vehicles customized to your specific application conditions.

Towing Capacity



30.000 kg

TFZ 30 N


20.000 kg

TFZ 20 N


Excellently suited as industrial tow tractors

Due to their specific set of properties VOLK LPG Tow Tractors are mostly used as industrial tow tractors. Thus for instance customers from the paper industry or chemical industry rely on VOLK LPG Tow Tractors when the application profile not only calls for mastering comparably large distances outdoors but also use inside closed spaces. VOLK LPG Tow Tractors owe their excellent suitability as industrial towing vehicles not only to their strong and reliable LPG engines but mainly to their exceptionally sturdy design. Thus VOLK LPG Tow Tractors bear up under the hardest strains lastingly.

 Like all VOLK vehicles, VOLK LPG Tow Tractors are characterized by four decisive advantages:
– Higher availability
– Lower life cycle costs
– Longer service life
– More safety