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VOLK LPG Platform Trucks –
Low-emission industrial transporters for economical continuous operation both indoors and out

With their low-emission liquid petroleum gas (LPG) engines, VOLK LPG Platform Trucks are perfectly suited for mixed operation outdoors and indoors. LPG driven vehicles possess performance characteristics similar to those of diesel vehicles and can – like their diesel counterparts – easily be operated around the clock. A LPG bottle can be changed with minimal handling and if there is already an LPG filling station on your premises, the optional LPG tank is quickly refilled.

The exhaust fumes created by the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) combustion process exhibit a high degree of purity, since liquid petroleum gas contains no chemical or mechanical impurities. As is the case with electrically powered vehicles, the operation of LPG vehicles in closed areas is unproblematic.

Due to the fact that liquid petroleum gas is heavier than air, notice must be taken that the operation in basement rooms is not permitted. For operation in areas of this type, the use of a VOLK Electric Platform Truck is therefore recommended, or – if distance is a deciding factor – a VOLK Diesel Platform Truck with diesel particle filter.

In order to provide the appropriate vehicle for a range of various requirements, VOLK LPG Platform Trucks are offered in various performance categories ranging from 2.000 to 5.000 kg payload.

5.000 kg

4.000 kg

3.000 kg

2.000 kg





VOLK LPG Platform Trucks
VOLK LPG Platform Trucks
VOLK LPG Platform Trucks
VOLK LPG Platform Trucks

First choice in industrial transporters

Intralogistics in industrial corporations are characterized by the great diversity of applications and requirements. Given this, VOLK LPG Platform Trucks are appropriate as industrial transporters, particularly due to the large range of optional accessories that enable the optimal configuration of the vehicles.

It is possible, for instance, to select between differently dimensioned load platforms, which also include options for loading pipes, rods and other long material. Depending on the application, there are a selection of different side panel options. Moisture-sensitive cargo can be protected from climatic conditions with a tarpaulin structure.A loading crane and a hydraulic liftgate simplify the loading procedure when required. The vehicles can be outfitted with either a LPG bottle or – if there is a filling station available – with an LPG tank.

In addition to the multitude of optional accessories, the sturdy construction of the vehicles is particularly advantageous and is proven in rough industrial applications. Due to a stable vehicle frame construction and the use of high-quality components, the vehicles durably withstand even the toughest burdens.