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Photo contest: VOLK-vehicles in


Diverse application areas

VOLK vehicles are in use all over the world. In Sweden as well as in Egypt and in Ireland as well as in Turkey. But even in the United States, in Chile or in Malaysia, customers rely on VOLK vehicles to cope with their transport tasks.

VOLK - Skoda Plant, Czech Republic

VOLK Diesel Tow Tractor at the Skoda factory Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

Your best photos of VOLK vehicles

Send us your best photos showing VOLK vehicles at work during their daily use.

It doesn’t matter where – in a shower of sparks of a steel foundry or under clean room conditions in a chip pro-
duction line. Or when loading jets at the airport or un-

VOLK - Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands

Day and night on duty – VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractor on Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands

VOLK - KLIA-Express Train Station, Kuala Lumpur

VOLK Diesel Platform Trucks as supply and disposal vehicles at the KLIA Express Train Station at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

The applications areas are extremely diverse. And the wide-ranging use of our vehicles surprises us again and again.

For this reason we want to find the best photos of VOLK vehicles in daily operation and award a prize to them in a small photo contest.

VOLK - German Border Patrol

VOLK Diesel Tow Tractor with the transport helicopter Aérospatiale SA 330 J Puma at the Federal Border Patrol in St. Augustin-Hangelar, Germany

loading freighters in an international seaport. Or in a lively central market hall or in the seclusion of an under-
ground bunker, or in military or municipal applications.

The main thing is that the photos provide a convincing and realistic impression of your daily use of the vehicle at work.

Take part and win!

To compensate all participants for their efforts we will pay a lump sum of 10 Euros for any entry.

In addition, the best pictures will be published on our website and awarded a special prize of 100 Euros when published.

VOLK - Innsbruck Airport, Austria

VOLK Diesel Platform Truck as baggage handling vehicle on Innsbruck Airport, Austria

Please don’t forget to add your return address and bank details.

VOLK - GE Jenbacher AG, Austria

VOLK Electric Tow Tractor with GE Jenbacher J316 GS gas engine in Jenbach, Austria

Send in your entry now

We really look forward to receiving your entry. Your photos can be sent to photo-contest@volk.de or by post to VOLK Fahrzeugbau GmbH, headword: photo contest, Postfach 1425, 88333 Bad Waldsee Germany.


VOLK - Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands

Carpool with a difference – VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors on Amsterdam/ Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands

Upon submission, the sender shall transfer all rights to the photos to VOLK Fahrzeugbau GmbH. Upon submission he confirms that he took the photos himself and that rights of a third party are not a hindrance to publication. A maximum of 5 photos can be sent in per participant. The decision is final, there is no recourse to the courts.