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Industrial trailers for small, medium and large loads

VOLK Trailers

In addition to our extensive range of tow tractors and platform trucks, we also produce industrial trailers designed for loads from 300 to 100.000 kg.

Like our vehicles, our trailers are distinguished by a highly robust, low-maintenance design consisting of high-strength steels and superior-quality components.

Thanks to many years of experience in trailer construction, we can offer optimal solutions no matter how demanding the challenge.

Optimally coordinated

The business of buying a trailer isn’t difficult in itself. Yet the devil is often in the detail: the diameter of the coupling pin and coupling ring must coincide exactly, as must the coupling height of the tow tractor and the tow bar height of the trailer.

The same goes for the supply leads for the electric system of the trailer. The voltage of the trailer’s lighting equipment needs to match the voltage of the tow tracors on-board electric system. In some cases the capacity of an electric tow tractor’s DC/DC converter or the size of a diesel or lpg tow tractors starter battery need to be increased depending on the energy consumption of the trailer’s lighting system and the number of trailers towed.

With air-braked trailers it is also important that the tow tractors supply lines match the trailer’s brake system (e.g. single circuit vs. double circuit brake systems).

For this reason, we offer our customers a one-stop tow tractor and trailer service. This ensures that all components fit together and are optimally coordinated.

Optimally Coordinated
Optimally Coordinated
Optimally Coordinated Optimally Coordinated Optimally Coordinated Optimally Coordinated Optimally Coordinated

Comprehensive product range

Thanks to our broad-based modular system, we can offer the right trailer for virtually all loads and cargo dimensions. The systematic modular approach enables us to make the trailer design as simple as possible in order to ensure an outstanding price/performance ratio and efficient spare part management.

Our trailers are equipped with a variety of steering systems – whether two or all-wheel drive, steering knuckle or centre pivot plate. Thanks to a sophisticated chassis design with up to eight swing axles on up to four rockers, it is possible to guarantee a low ground pressure together with optimal tilt resistance and tracking. Depending on the load and tow tractor features, different types of braking systems – from simple overrun through pneumatic to electromechanical – ensure that the cargo can be braked safely and precisely at all times.

The comprehensive product range is completed by an array of cargo area coverings – from the simple Multiplan board, through white or oak deal to bulb and channeled plate – as well as a wide choice of body options, e.g. wood and aluminium side panels, tarpaulin structures or coil racks.

Excellent references

Users of our trailers include the following companies:

– Alcan Inc.
– Allied Signal (Honeywell)
– Ciba Geigy
– DaimlerChrysler AG
– Faurecia
– Heidelberger Druck AG
– Hydro Aluminium
– Johnson Controls
– Kessler Achsen
– Onyx Fenestra (Veolia)
– Schweizerhall Chemie
– Siemens AG
– TRW Automotive
– Wyeth Medica

VOLK Trailers