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Hybrid Tow Tractors

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors

Hybrid Tow Tractors – Tractors for the combined use in indoor and outdoor areas

Hybrid tow tractors are towing vehicles that have both an electric motor and a diesel engine. Thus they are prima-
rily used whenever the application conditions require emission-free operation in closed rooms as well as co-
vering comparably long routes outdoors.

This is especially important on airports: Baggage trac-
tors usually have to cover large distances between the terminal buildings and the parking positions of the air-
planes. While they drive in diesel mode when they are outside on the apron, they can be switched to electric propulsion when they enter the inside baggage handling

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors

areas. This advantage is also very important in many industrial applications, especially when distances are too long to be covered by electric tractors or when continuous multi-shift operation makes it difficult to recharge batteries.

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors are offered in three different product lines to offer the best possible solution for your specific requirements.

17.200 kg

11.500 kg

8.600 kg

40.000 kg

30.000 kg

20.000 kg

The HFZ 40 N Hybrid Tractors hare the best choice when ultimate performance is required

This is especially important when the infrastructural conditions call for high speed, e.g. due to large distan-
ces between the aircraft parking positions and the baggage handling facilities.

The HFZ 40 N Hybrid Tractors are also excellently suited when cargo operations or large aircraft baggage hand-
ling require high towing capacities: With a maximum drawbar pull 26.000 N, a 28 KW three-phase-asynchro-
nous electric motor and a powerful 50 KW Deutz-diesel engine they can tow even the heaviest load easily.

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractor HFZ 30 N

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractor HFZ 30 N

The HFZ 20 N Hybrid Tractors have been optimized for compact dimensions and maximum cost efficiency.

The vehicles are characterized by a width of only 1.25 m and an exceptionally small turning radius of only 3.46 m. Therefore they are excellently suited when infrastructural bottlenecks require a high degree of agility. This is not only important in many industrial applications but also in cramped baggage handling areas.

To meet increasing cost pressures in the ground hand-
ling business, the HFZ 20 N Hybrid Tractors are also designed in a very cost-conscious way. Therefore, they clearly stand out from the competitive environment due to their unparalleled price/performance-ratio.

HFZ 40 N

HFZ 30 N

HFZ 20 N

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors
VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractor HFZ 40 N

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractor HFZ 40 N

The HFZ 30 N Hybrid Tractors also have high powe reserves. However, cost efficiency was a equally impor-
tant development goal when designing the HFZ 30 N tractors. Therefore they are the best choice when high demands need to be fulfilled with a limited budget.

With a maximum drawbar pull 20.000 N, a 20 KW three-
phase-asynchronous electric motor and a powerful 42 KW Deutz-diesel engine they have sufficient reserves even when towing heavy loads.

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractor HFZ 20 N

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractor HFZ 20 N

Maximum vehicle availability thanks to rapid change diesel engine/
generator module (VOLK POWER PACK®)

Hybrid tow tractors in industrial and airport facilities are frequently used in continuous multishift operation 7 days a week. Thus, maintenance jobs can not be postponed to idle machine times in many cases. Therefore, VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors are equipped with a rapid change diesel engine/generator module (VOLK POWER PACK®). This is a modular unit that can be replaced in just a few minutes. As a consequence, VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors busily run up and down the apron, while maintenance jobs on their diesel engine are being done.

Product Line N Hybrid Tow Tractors with VOLK POWER PACK®

HFZ 20 N Hybrid Tow Tractor with VOLK POWER PACK®

The VOLK POWER PACK® contains not only the diesel engine but also the generator, the diesel tank, the starter battery and the starter. Therefore it can be operated autonomously and all conventional maintenance and repair jobs can be performed even without the vehicle. Even a final trial run can be performed in the work-

Product Line NT Hybrid Tow Tractors with VOLK POWER PACK®

HFZ 30 N Hybrid Tow Tractor with VOLK POWER PACK®

For example, the Dutch airline KLM capitalized on this advantage when they ordered 2 additional POWER PACKs for their fleet of 70 VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors. If a vehicle requires maintenance on the diesel engine, only its VOLK POWER PACK® remains in the workshop. The tractor itself is fitted with one of the spare modules in just a few minutes and can thus be used again on the airport apron without any long breaks.

Perfect as baggage tractors

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors are excellently suited as airport towing tractors or apron towing tractors. They are the perfect towing vehicles for use in inside baggage handling areas and for covering large distances on the airfield at the same time. In addition, their innovative VOLK POWER PACK®-technology is especially advantageous at airports which are typically characterized by continuous multishift operation seven days a week. Since the modular setup of VOLK Hybrid Tractors helps to reduce maintenance-related downtimes by up to 90 % compared to conventional hybrid tow tractors, it is not necessary to hold out replacement vehicles due to servicing.



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Excellently suited as industrial tractors

Particularly in the automobile industry operating conditions are frequently marked out by regularly recurring use in outdoor areas during which the batteries can be recharged during diesel operation. This provides for a distinctly improved range in closed buildings during electric operation. The suitability of VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors as industrial towing vehicles also results from their extremely compact dimensions which enable a narrow turning circle and safe performance of work in cramped spaces. The hydraulic power-steering with three-phase asynchronous hydraulic pump enables smooth maneuvering and the low vibration driver’s cabin mounted on rubber pads with a air-suspended, multi-adjustable comfort seat and a spaciously dimensioned legroom provide for a very pleasant work environment.


Alcan Inc., Audi AG, MAN AG, Naue GmbH & Co. KG, Onyx Fenestra GmbH

VOLK Hybrid Tow Tractors