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VOLK Electric Tow Tractors – Zero-emission towing vehicles for primary use in indoor areas

With their zero-emission electric drive, VOLK Electric Tow Tractors are always an excellent choice when loads are to be towed inside of closed buildings or. They are also used in out-
door areas when environmental considerations have to be taken into account.

Large size traction batteries enable you to cover even long distances without any problems.

VOLK Electric Tow Tractors

VOLK Electric Tow Tractors are manufactured in various perfor-
mance classes for towing loads from 1.500 kg to 100.000 kg

VOLK Electric Tow Tractors

3.300 to 220.000 lbs). This enables us to provide you with the optimal solution for your specific conditions of use. For larger towing loads or for particular uses, we also take pleasure in offering you special vehicles customized to suit your needs.

VOLK Electric Tow Tractors

In order to be able to offer the appropriate towing vehicle for different requirements, we make VOLK Electric Tow Tractors available in two different product lines:

100.000 kg

80.000 kg

60.000 kg

50.000 kg

40.000 kg

30.000 kg

25.000 kg

20.000 kg

12.000 kg

10.000 kg

8.000 kg

6.000 kg

1.500 kg

- spaciously designed driver’s
  cabin for two persons
- high driving range
- towing capacity: 20.000 to

 .100.000 kg (44.000 to 220.000

EFZ 100 N

EFZ 80 N

EFZ 60 N



EFZ 30 N

EFZ 25 N

EFZ 20 N






- compact dimensions
- small turning circle
- towing capacty: 1.500 to 30.000
 kg (3.300 to 66.000 lbs)







EFZ 30 K


EFZ 20 K

EFZ 12 K

EFZ 10 K



EFZ 1.5 K

VOLK Electric Tow Tractors
VOLK Electric Tow Tractors
VOLK Electric Tow Tractors
VOLK Electric Tow Tractors
VOLK Electric Tow Tractor Product Line N

The vehicles of product line N feature a spacious and comfortable driver’s cab, which offers room for two people.

In the design of the vehicles, the largest possible battery capacity was aimed for. The type N vehicles are thus the best choice when long distances need to be covered.

Type N tow tractors have a spacious loading area with a railing. This can be used at airports for last-minute baggage and in industry for middle-sized loads of up to 500 kg.

The type N vehicles are designed for towing loads from 20.000 kg to 100.000 kg.

VOLK Electric Tow Tractor product line N

The vehicles of product line K are always the best
choice when the conditions of use require extreme ma-
neuverability. The vehicles feature a highly compact con-
struction and are designed for operation by one person.

The type K tow tractors are primarily suited for short to middle distances, since the compact dimensions re-
quire compromises for the realizable battery capacity.

The type K vehicles are designed for towing loads from
1.000 kg to 30.000 kg.

VOLK Electric Tow Tractor Product Line K

VOLK Electric Tow Tractor product line K

Outstandingly suited as industrial tow tractors

VOLK Electric Tow Tractors are usually used as industrial towing vehicles. Many industrial facilities have grown or-
ganically over decades, which often has led to winding production flows. The angled factory buildings, which are so typical for Europe, result in conflicting requirements with regards to tow tractors: On the one hand they should be as a compact as possible due to narrow working aisles and other infrastructural bottlenecks. And on the other hand they should also feature a high towing capacity, especially for use on ramps which is required because the produc-
tion process is often conducted on multiple floors to save space. In cases like these, many customers opt for pro-
duct line K tractors because they have been specifically designed to balance those contradicting requirements.
Customers who do not have such spacial restrictions and who place emphasize on a long driving range usually choose the full-size tractors of product line N.

Ideal as airport tow tractors

VOLK Electric Tow Tractors are also often used as baggage hauling vehicles at airports. The especially compact Type K vehicles are used here primarily for transportation and shunting in the often extremely narrow inside baggage handling areas. Type N vehicles feature a long range with their generous battery capacity. They are therefore also used on the airport apron for transporting baggage trailers between the terminal building and the aircraft parking positions. The heavy tractors of product line N can even be used for pushback tasks up to 100 tons MTOW (e.g. Boeing 737 or Airbus A320). Thus they present an especially environmentally friendly alternative to conventional pushback tractors which are usually equiped with a diesel engines.