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VOLK Electric Platform Trucks – Powerful industrial trucks for primary use in closed buildings

With their zero-emission electric drive VOLK Electric Platform Trucks are ideal whenever it is necessary to transport loads within closed buildings.

With their silent motors they are also perfectly suited for use in noise sensitive environments such as municipal pedestrian areas, hospitals or fairgrounds.

VOLK Electric Platform Trucks feature an excellent driving range 

VOLK Electric Platform Trucks

and high speeds. This enables you to cover even large distances effortlessly.

VOLK Electric Platform Trucks

In order to provide the appropriate vehicle for a large range of requirements, VOLK Electric Platform Trucks are of-
fered in various performance categories ranging from 2.000 to 5.000 kg payload. For larger payloads or for special applications, we also take pleasure in offering you special vehicles customized to suit your needs.

5.000 kg

4.000 kg

3.000 kg

2.000 kg

1.500 kg

1.000 kg

300 kg





EFW 1.5


EFW 0.3

VOLK Electric Platform Trucks VOLK Electric Platform Trucks
VOLK Electric Platform Trucks VOLK Electric Platform Trucks

Perfectly suited as an industrial transporter

It is characteristic of industrial applications is that a substantial percentage of transport processes take place within closed factory or warehouse buildings. Due to their emission-free drives, VOLK electric platform trucks are particu-
larly suitable for these types of applications.

The extensive range of available accessories is also a great advantage for industrial use. This is a result of the wide range of different applications and requirements that are characteristic for intralogistics in industrial enterprises.
For this reason, VOLK Electric Platform Trucks are designed to optimally enable configuration for numerous tasks: this includes a choice of different load platform dimensions, with most models also providing loading options for pipes, rods and other long material. Depending on the intended purpose, there are several different side panel options to choose from. Moisture-sensitive cargo can be protected from climatic conditions with a tarpaulin structure. Most models can be equipped with a loading crane or a hydraulic liftgate, which can facilitate loading and unloading processes.

In addition to the wide range of accessories, the sturdy construction proves itself to be a great advantage for tough industrial applications. Due to a stable frame structure and the use of high quality components, the vehicles can continually withstand even the heaviest loads

Particularly suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments

In addition to industrial applications, VOLK Electric Transporters are frequently used on trade fair grounds, in zoos, hospitals or municipal areas. The silent electric drive is especially important and always welcome in situations where people seek rest and relaxation. For this reason, you can find VOLK Electric Platform Trucks, for example, on both the car-free island Helgoland and at the Dresden Zoo.

For the application in municipal areas, VOLK Electric Platform Trucks also distinguish themselves with their high degree of flexibility in conversion. Applications here include equipment carrier for waste disposal container units, tanks and numerous other equipment attachments and supplements.